Gateway to State of Andhra Pradesh, Begumpet

Begumpet is one of the localities that lies in the close area of Hyderabad. The small city or twin city of Hyderabad popularly known as Secunderabad is more or less as expansion of Hyderabad city and it falls in the north direction of Hyderabad. The famous Bowanpalli Road located in Secunderabad has being provides access to the region from Hyderabad.


Begumpet is a small local area that can be seen as a region marking the border between Hyderabad city and Secunderabad. The expansion of further commercial activities being north of Hyderabad city and it has made Begumpet a famous area. The most important feature of this place, which is the Begumpet airport. It has provides both the national and international terminals located in this region, the Begumpet place serves as the gateway in to the state of Andhra Pradesh and south of India. The airport of Begumpet serves the twin cities likes Hyderabad and Secunderabad as well other districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh.



The outlook of Begumpet is quite like an urban centre with so many things happening round the clock. The region is being marked by government establishments and number of private enterprises. There are a lot of medical centres, schools, local shopping markets, etc. There are some places that can bear certain historical importance and as such constitute visiting places for the tourists located in Begumpet.

In the year 1895, Sir Ronald Ross Institute is a best example. This institute is being famous for study centre around that was served as a millitary hospital in the past. The institute has been earned a prestige in the academic circle, in the Andhra Pradesh state and beyond. In this area has also a number of software companies located here.


Begumpet 2

Hyderabad city is scattered with many more hotels and accommodations. The booming growth and development has being led to the establishment of number of hotels. There are accommodation facilities for almost every kind such as star as well as budget category hotels are being here. Click here to get more information about hotels near Begumpet.



The Begumpet Railway Station lies on around and very near to the Begumpet Road. The domestic airport terminals serving the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, is located within the neighborhood of the township.

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