Banjara Hills – Respectable place in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is being capital city of Andhra Pradesh of INDIA, the city of Hyderabad is known as of Love and Joy. It has number of attraction provides to its tourist and the folks of Hyderabad, who live here have an Internal Goodness in them that touches every one. Hyderabad city is a famous for its Hospitality, Charminar, very popular dish Hyderabadi Biryani, Irani Chai and Pearls these all are being the specialty of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has being earned a reputation in many more fields and specially in technology. Sometimes it has known as the ‘City of Pearls’, trade and prosperity has been long features of the city. Hyderabad presents the grounds, where the northern and southern cultures of India finally meet. The influence of great Indian dynasties can still be found in the city. Hyderabad has been somehow preserved different traditions and practices of early civilizations.


Banjara Hills

Banjara Hills is western area of Hyderabad city. It has forms an undivided part of Hyderabad city as well as it is important in its own region. Hyderabad is also known as Pearl City and it has being witnessed a technological development and progress in the last 10 years. The locality of Banjara Hills is generally a local residential place with impressions of the nearby Hitech City.



There are few township are situated besides the Banjara Hills such as Panjagutta Jubilee, Hills and Mehdipattnam. It has being many more software companies are located in this area, who are doing regular business in this area. Banhara Hills offers excellent residency and catering facilities available. There are some popular eateries are in this zone such as Gallopin Gooseberry, Flame, Southern Spice, Fusion 9 and Our place.



There are many educational institutions such as schools and some private training institutions are located at Banjara Hills. Anwar-Ul-Uloom College of Management is one of the respectable institutes in Hyderabad, located in the township of Banjara Hills. If you are looking some good accommodation in Banjara Hills, click here to know more information about hotels in Banjara Hills.


Banjara Park is famous garden in this region and which is located at north east of Banjara Hills. The popular Banjara Super Market is on the way of Panjagutta Road in north east of Banjara Hills.

If you have to plan visit Hyderabad via airplane, click here to information about Nagpur to Hyderabad flights.


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