Kasmir, the paradise on earth

The Kashmir valley is known all over the world for its beauty and charm. It is situated about 300 km. of distance from Jammu across forested drains and steep mountain passes. The emerald valley of Kashmir is handling in the Himalayas, under the crystal blue skies, the background of snow-capped mountains. Kashmir is a magical land of rivers, silvery streams, fresh water lakes, pine, snow clad mountains, deodar and chinar forests, sparkling waterfalls, grassy slopes, shikaras and green meadows full of flowers of beautiful colours.


An oval plateau of Kashmir is more than 5000 feet high and framed by three Himalayan ranges such as the Zanskar, Karakoram and Pir Panjal. The total area of Kashmir of 222,236 sq km and is often referred as ‘Switzerland of the East’. It is the land of bewitching beauty with exotic fruits, flora and flowers. Srinagar is the capital of Kasmir is settled between the meadows, huge lakes and unique floating gardens in this valley. The state of Jammu & Kashmir is mainly dominated by the Muslims as well as Kashmiris.


Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru also said that, Kashmir that is there is a paradise on the earth, it is this, it is this. Kashmiri, Urdu and Dogri are the common languages are spoken here in Kashmir. The best time to visit Kashmir is during summers seasons.

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Sonmarg is one of the smallest parts in Kashmir, which is lying in the heart of a gorgeous valley carved by the river Sindh. Sonmarg is also known as “Golden meadow”, this place gets its name ‘Son’ meaning golden, from the bloom of yellow many crocuses that fill this valley in the spring. It can be reached by roads, which runs through the picturesque Sind valley flanked on one side by the densely populated slopes and many varieties of alpine flowers.




Pahalgam has a lot of tourist destination to touch the hearts of travelers as well as its visitors. The beautiful town of Pahalgam has emerged as one of the major hill resorts in Jammu & Kashmir state. Pahalgam is seated at a height of 2240 m and it surrounded by steep verdant hills. It also serves as the base for many more of trekking trails. There are fabulous options of hiring a short horse which is the best means of surfing the natural riches that the beauty place stands for.


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