Most famous Tea plantation land – Munnar

Munnar is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Kerala. It is located on the eastern side of Indian state of Kerala. There are many reasons for popularity of this city among tourists, not least of which is the beautiful mountainous landscape that range of the city.

Time Magazine has in the past advised about Munnar as “one of the best destinations in the world”. It is home of pretty tea plantation stretching in the hillside and low riding cloud clipping the mountain peaks and colorful nature with diversity and culture wealth of the Munnar city. These are some reason, why tourist has attracts the Munnar. The fragrant cool air is filled with the aroma of spices. The rising and falling area of this city is covered with grasslands and forests.


Munnar, Kerala

The region of Munnar city is being one of the top tea production centers in all over the India. It was British settlers who first given permit this land to grow tea and the industry is still booming to that day. Interestingly, this region is one of the highest locations across the world where tea is grown.

Munnar is approximately 130 kilometers away from Kochi which is capital city of Kerala, and one of the major port towns of India, and it also located on 140kms from Kottayam. Munnar is being one of the most striking places and yet calming features of this region is the colour green. Wide-spanning areas of green land stretch our eyes as far as can see, with hundreds of shades of green blending together in splendid glory.




Things to do in Munnar:

The visitors of this beautiful city can do many thing in Munnar such as visit to Tea Factory, tea and coffee plantation, Forest trekking, Paragliding, Camping, Angling, Golf, Cycling and Boating and more.

Flora & Fauna in Munnar:

In Munnar, there are many major wildlife animals are found such as the Nilgiri Tahrs (Mountain Goats), Elephants and Langurs. Neelakurinji is the external flora which is found in this area in forest as well as grasslands. This flower has bathes the hills in blue colour during every twelve years, it will bloom next in the year 2018.

Munnar (1)

waterfall in Munnar

Madurai is the nearest airport of Munnar is approximately 140 kilometers of distance and Cochin is 105 kilometers from Munnar. It is connected to different cities such as Kottayam, Madurai, Cochin, Kozhikode, Trivandrum, Chennai and also other cities of South India and Kerala via roadways.


Munnar is pretty popular for its accommodation facilities and also warm hospitality of its staff, this beautiful place also has a number of hotels are available. Ranging from budget hotels to resorts this town has it all.  Click here to get more information about hotels in Munnar.


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